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PolyureCoat Course

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PolyureCoat Course On January 16th, 2018, a fantastic opportunity will be taking place for our customers at FRRC! Easy-Trim will be hosting a PolyureCoat Course!

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Polyurethane Coating Demonstration at the yard!

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Free Polyurethane Coating Demonstration! Do you fancy learning how to apply a Polyurethane coating with ease, or to receive a refresher on the best technique

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NEW DEAL: R4 Pine 7/9 for £285

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The R4 Pine 7/9 is the superior manual roof window, 740mm x 980mm, available at £285 including flashing kit. This is a deal exclusively at

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Up to 42% off selected Herock items Are you in need of some new clothes for when you’re on the job? Do you want to

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We are proud to be introducing Leadax by Cromar to the shelves of Frank Ratcliffe Roofing Centre! Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world that

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Thank You for Attending our Cromar Course! Here at FRRC, we’d just like to give a big thank you for those who attended our Cromar

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  Cromar Pro GRP Course On July 3rd, we will be hosting a Cromar Pro GRP Course! The course will be held at Frank Ratcliffe

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Roto North West

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Roto North West When you think of roof windows, what brand do you think of? Roto? If not, let us explain just how incredible this

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Herock: Our New Range

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Herock Herock’s aim is to create the perfect workwear and equipment for those working in a much more demanding environment, such as construction and roofing. Their clothing

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