Bradstone Roof Slates

The Bradstone roofing slate offers the authentic look and feel of the beautiful natural stone roofing coupled with the high performance, long life and low maintenance qualities of modern materials.

Over the years, many areas of this country have used stone slates for roofing, due to its easy availability. Due to this, the slate has a traditional look within our culture. When seeking to replicate this characteristic look, both on new developments, or on refurbishment projects, Bradstone Roofing is the way to go.  These natural looking stone slates help a house to blend in with its surroundings, especially in conservation planning areas.

At the heart of this business lies their desire for making sustainable products, meaning all products from Bradstone Roofing are produced in the UK and are certified under the BREEAM scheme. Another one of their best qualities is that these tiles are made from a large amount of recycled content, with a minimum of secondary aggregate replacement of 50%.

For more information on this product, view the PDF available.

We love Bradstone roofing products and stock a wide range to cater for all your roofing requirements.