Cromar Pro GRP Products:Cromar Pro GRP example

Buy Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping Cromar Pro GRP products are applicable on either small, home improvements jobs or to cover even the largest of industrial buildings. It’s perfect for any flat-roof!

1. Wall Fillets

Available in 3m lengths


 2. Simulated Lead Flashing

Available in 3m lengths

3. Glass Fibre Matting and Resin

The Glass Fibre Matting is available in 450gm² and 600gm². The Resin is available in 10kg and 20kg containers.

4. Top Coat

UV and final weatherproofing protection. Available in 10kg and 20kg containers

5. Large Fascia Trim

Fascia/ Drip Trims. Available in 3m lengths

6. Raised Edge Trim

Available in 3m lengths

7. Trim Adhesive

Available in 310ml