Complete the PolyureCoat Approved Contractor Scheme to gain more work!

US Soma FEDEX ~ ONLINE US PHARMACY Soma The PolyureCoat Approved Contractor Scheme is hosted by PolyureCoat to teach contractors the best practice for using their products. Overall, the participant will take part in a full day practical and written assessment with interactive roof models.

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Those who take part in this course will be assessed and marked on their work. Afterwards, if the final exam is completed to a satisfactory degree, the individual will become a potential contractor for PolyureCoat applications. Easy-Trim will suggest those who complete this course to potential clients, to gain them more work. In addition to this, approved contractors are listed on Easy-Trim’s national database. In addition to this, they will receive an exclusive Approved Contractor Card and a PolyureCoat Welcome pack.

There is a fee of £150 per person taking part, when participating in this course.  http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ cheap soma cod However, you are refunded in product vouchers after 3 successful installations. There are no more than 8 participants allowed to a class. Attend these courses in any of Easy-Trim’s 7 available locations.


To take part in this scheme, go to PolyureCoat’s website to place your booking.