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PlainA less expensive alternative to Clay and also used for the vertical tiling of Dormas and Walls also used in conjunction with large format concrete tiles to accompliment the colour. Comes with a cross camber design.

  • Authentic cross camber
  • Ideal for classic roof designs, such as dormer and eyebrow windows
  • 9 different colours to provide wide design choice

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Technical Info:- Plain


Covering capacity

60 tiles per m2 at 100mm gauge

53 tiles per m2 at 115mm gauge

Size of tile

267mm x 168mm

Minimum pitch smooth

Maximum pitch

35 deg

90 deg

Weight of tiling

73.8kg/m2 at

100mm gauge (roof)

54kg/m2 at

115mm gauge (vertical)

Minimum headlap

65mm (roof)

37.5 (vertical)

54kg/m2 at 100mm lap

Maximum Gauge

100mm (roof)

115mm (vertical)

Number per pallet


Cover width


Colour we stock


Contact Cheapest Tramadol Cod for more information or give us a call on 0161 724 4004

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