generic Soma next day Birkdale

  • Smooth flat surface and dressed edge offer a traditional and pleasing look to the roof
  • Suitable for renovation work replacing natural slate
  • Can achieve an A+ in the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification
  • Lightweight, strong and durability make them a perfect choice for all projects
  • Pre-holed for easy installation
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Available Colours

Blue BlackHeatherGreen

Technical Info:- Birkdale


Maximum Gauge


Size of tile

600mm x 300mm

Covering capacity(m2)

100mm lap 13.4

110mm lap 13.6

Minimum pitch 100mm lap

Moderate exposure

Severe exposure



22.5 deg

25 deg

Weight of Slating

100mm lap 20.4 kg/m2

110mm lap 20.9 kg/m2

Minimum pitch 110mm lap

Moderate exposure

Severe exposure


20 deg

22.5 deg


Slate Nails



Copper disc rivets

30mm x 2.65

(copper to BS1202-2)


Required one per slate

Maximum pitch

90 deg

Number per pallet


Typical laps (mm)


Colour we stock

To order

Colours available to order




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