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TapcoSlate is a fantastic alternative to natural slate, with authentic surfaces and edges, TapcoSlate has outstanding modern-day style whilst enhancing roof performance through innovative design.

Tapco slates are created with moulds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateaux and curves and unlike natural slate, Tapco Slate won’t break or delaminate.

Colour-through design and UV stabilisation ensure “stay-true” richness for traditional colours such as Pewter Grey and Plum, bold tones like Brick Red and unique selections such as Chestnut Brown and Grey/ Black blended tiles.

TapcoSlate Key Features:

TapcoSlate Key Benefits:

TapcoSlate FAQs

Q. How is it fixed?

A. Galvanised steel nails driven through the slate, either manually or by ailgun. No drilling, clipping or hooks required.

Q. How many are needed. What’s the coverage?

A. Depends on the pitch of the roof, please see our Measuring Guide.

Q. How shallow a pitch can they be used on?

A. 14 degrees (on a fully-boarded roof). This is very useful for extensions and other applications where the available roof slope may be limited.

Q. Why are they curved? A natural slate is flat.

A. This is intentional. The induced camber flattens and creates a tight fit when nailed in situ.

Q. Is an eaves (soldier course) needed?

A. Yes. Standard slating principles apply.

Q. Does TapcoSlate have third-party accreditation?

A. Yes. BBA certified. Copies readily available.

Q. How are the ridges/hips fixed?

A. Nailed in situ and overlapped. Dry-fix system much more secure than a bedded ridge. Cement does not adhere well to TapcoSlate.

Q. Is it colourfast or does it fade or go white?

A. No TapcoSlate is UV stable and through coloured. It will weather, as does any roof covering, depending on location and exposure.

Q. How is it cut?

A. Fine-toothed saw, disc cutter, or it can be scored with a utility knife.

Q. Will moss/algae grow on Tapco Slate?

A. Once again, this depends on the location and exposure of the site. Algae grows better on a laminar material, TapcoSlate is not laminar. To deter growth, string a copper wire across the length of the ridge.

Q. Is it a “green” recycled product? What’s it made from?

A. It’s not recycled… but it’s RECYCLABLE. TapcoSlate is made from limestone and virgin resins. Consequently there is greater control over the mix and the manufacturing process. The main problems experienced with using reclaimed inconsistent raw materials are due to the lack of control in the manufacture which can result in splitting, curling, etc. There are no such problems with TapcoSlate.

Q. How is it packaged/delivered?

A. Individually strap-banded bundles of 25 slates… 1600 per pallet (or less). There is a delivery charge depending on location.

Q. Can Tapco Slates be used for vertical cladding?

A. Yes.

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